Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

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Strong City-Kendall Log Cabin Home

Log Cabin


An original log cabin from early 1900’s.  It was originally used as the townsite house.  People who had made the run, paid their filing fees at the townsite home.   Many people lived in this home.  The Kendalls lived here the longest; the Sam Kendall Family was the last.  It has been restored and furnished so that you can look at all its treasures inside.  The log cabin is set up as a self guided tour with window information as you walk around the cabin.  On the North side of the cabin is a plaque telling all its rich history.  Viewing is possible any time of day, all year around.  This  cabin is located in the city park of Cheyenne.  Handicapped accessible.  No charge.  Open Monday through Saturday 10-4.   More information can be obtained at (580) 497-3882.