Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

Our Best is Our People

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Veterans/Communities Museum

Veterans Museum,  Cheyenne City Park

This is the new Veterans/Communities Museum in the Cheyenne City Park.


The Veterans/Communities Museum contains our Veterans’ display, an unequaled display of uniforms, pictures, scrapbooks, and war memorabilia.  It also contains Roger Mills communities' histories and has several Friendship Quilts.
The communities included are Cheyenne, Hammon, Strong City, Durham, Crawford, Sweetwater, Sunny Point, Meridian, Herring, Hamburg, Grimes, Rankin-Reydon, Carpenter, Roll, and Breezy Meadow. For information call (580) 497-3882. Or write P.O. Box 34, Cheyenne, OK 73628.


These are some of the uniforms shown in the Veterans display.  Almost all were worn by Roger Mills veterans.


You'll find a picture and brief military history of each Roger Mills veteran.  The scrapbooks contain more detailed histories of the veterans.