Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

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Cheyenne Santa Fe Railroad Depot

Cheyenne Santa Fe Railroad Depot

Located in Cheyenne’s City Park.


The first railroad built into Roger Mills County was the Clinton Oklahoma & Western Railroad (it was called the COW Railroad for short).  It ran from Clinton to Strong City.  The people of Cheyenne were afraid that Strong City might become the County Seat, so the town, yes,  the town of Cheyenne (only town we had ever heard of ) built their own Short line from Strong City to Cheyenne and it was nicknamed the CALF.  The depot was located in the north part of town and was bought by CO&W .  Santa Fe extended their tracks from Clinton to Pampa.  The last train ran into Cheyenne in 1981.  The depot was bought and moved to Woodward, OK to serve a  café; later bought by Windle Turley who had it moved back to Cheyenne.  The Historic RMC people restored it.  The employees and friends of the railroad have furnished it with original items.  The waiting room and office are shown below: